Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Roping and a win!

At the Bean Dirks memorial roping in Deniro Texas, ( Great Roping, Great Host, Thanks Paul ) a #8 heeler wraps up with the all new Pro Black, and takes 5th place in the #15 Roping. A pretty snakey roping when a 25 on 4 only takes 5th!! Great job Quisto Lopez!


watch and wait

Texas Roper comes clean. Recently a call came in for an order and during conversation the customer shared how he has waited and watched his friends with the mind set free is better. At a recent roping his horn rubber,,(tube) blew up and it cost him $600 in an entry fee!! Ouch!!! Thats lots of Pro Dally Wraps. After just a few days of roping on his new wraps he called to Thank Us, and to tell us how much he loves the All New Pro Black!


ps,, don't wait until it costs ya big time!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roper gets 10 months heading on Pro Black

Team roper Mike Carlson, your typical weekend warrior, has roped 10 months on his Pro Black heading wrap before having to replace it. Most recently Mike won $1800, Buckles, and Rope Bag at a Tee Woolman Production.
Great job!