Saturday, November 14, 2009


As of now we have unoffical reports in of 48,000 +or- in winnings!!! For the handful of ropers that have switched over to the Pro Dally Wraps,, this is quite a showing!

Most recent report in from Justin Howell who was Heeling on the Pro Black and Heading on the Black Knight, winner of 9150.00 Awesome job Justin.


Tennesse Jr Rodeo State Champ

Jimmy Essary of TN has won the Jr. State Rodeo Championship heading with the " Bolt head wrap "

Great job Jimmy and keep up the good work!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

South Texas Roper Still cleaning UP

Lyn Lamon, performance horse Farrier , again cleans up. After wining 3 holes he takes home $1700.00 Using the Pro Black to head and heel on. Lyn commented on how many people keep asking him "How do you like it" It surprises him how skeptical ropers are. He keeps answering,, just watch and see! Great job Lyn