Tuesday, July 28, 2009

he doesn't like to try new stuff

Quote from emai:

"Actually I was at a tack store on Saturday that had them there so I just picked it up while I was there. I took it home and gave it to my husband (he doesn't like to try new stuff) and after he got it put on he said "when this wears out don't buy another one because I know I'm not going to like it, I will just stick with what I know works". He went and roped Saturday night and after a few runs he said "I'll take back what I said earlier this thing works great". There were several people at the practice pen that asked about it and I gave them your website info.

Mistie Tx

Salida Utah USTRC Wins

RopeSmart Pro Dally Wrap User Matt Liston of Diamond H Ranch, (#8 heeler) Wins 2nd in the #13, and 3rd in the #15. Awesome Job!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two Rodeo wins over the 4th of July

Cole Davison, #9 Heeler, wins Whitesboro TX with a 4.2, Then places 2nd in Wimberly TX with a 5.3

Great job Cole!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello John,
I figured I would report back since using my new Bolt wrap. I put it on Friday before an Open roping we had up here. The wrap felt great. It had enough grab but yet still felt like there was some control to let some rope slide if needed. I used it that day in the jackpot and roped great. My partner broke out in the 2nd high call spot but we still ended up 3rd after the dust settled. I used it that night at the Cochrane pro rodeo and won 3rd with a 6.2 and then yesterday we won another pro rodeo at Benalto with a 5.3. Nice buckles and everything. It sure got a lot of looks and questions over the weekend. They'll look good at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November!
Todd Gallais #8 Heeler/Canada
I was putting some figures together on how much it cost me for regular dally wrap, and I would spend 26 dollars on dally wrap a month and if you do that time 6 months it comes to $156.00. So after six months heading with the pro wrap I am still using the first one I purchased. The pro wrap shows to be worth the money.

Thanks and God Bless
Ryan Benge

Thanks Ryan for your email.
It is so often people ask me if its worth the investment, and there so many ways to justify it. Saving on rubber itself like this example. Lost entry fees due to failing rubber, lost time looking for rubber, on and on. Rope Life is huge, 30% of a 40.00 rope is 12.00 so every 4 ropes basically pays for a Pro Dally Wrap. Just think how long it takes you to use up 4 ropes???

Rope Life Pays for Wraps

Hey John,

Just wanted to let you know, I just threw two heel ropes out this past weekend because they were worn out!,, not burned up at all, but broken down where the loop comes tight on the feet. I have never had a heel rope last this long ever. I figured that in the purchase of two ropes I saved enough to pay for my Dally Wraps. The life on my ropes has doubled. Thanks for great wraps!

Matt Liston #8 Heeler Utah