Monday, July 6, 2009

I was putting some figures together on how much it cost me for regular dally wrap, and I would spend 26 dollars on dally wrap a month and if you do that time 6 months it comes to $156.00. So after six months heading with the pro wrap I am still using the first one I purchased. The pro wrap shows to be worth the money.

Thanks and God Bless
Ryan Benge

Thanks Ryan for your email.
It is so often people ask me if its worth the investment, and there so many ways to justify it. Saving on rubber itself like this example. Lost entry fees due to failing rubber, lost time looking for rubber, on and on. Rope Life is huge, 30% of a 40.00 rope is 12.00 so every 4 ropes basically pays for a Pro Dally Wrap. Just think how long it takes you to use up 4 ropes???

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