Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello John,
I figured I would report back since using my new Bolt wrap. I put it on Friday before an Open roping we had up here. The wrap felt great. It had enough grab but yet still felt like there was some control to let some rope slide if needed. I used it that day in the jackpot and roped great. My partner broke out in the 2nd high call spot but we still ended up 3rd after the dust settled. I used it that night at the Cochrane pro rodeo and won 3rd with a 6.2 and then yesterday we won another pro rodeo at Benalto with a 5.3. Nice buckles and everything. It sure got a lot of looks and questions over the weekend. They'll look good at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November!
Todd Gallais #8 Heeler/Canada

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