Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Could have been worth 30K to me, Allen Bach


I could actually feel the legs of the steer coming back to me. That could mean as much as 1 -2 tenths of a second off a run. I wish I would have had your product on my horn before the NFR, It could have meant 30K more in winnings.

Allen Bach

Thanks for a great product!

I received your new pro dally wrap 2days ago and have roped 50 steers with it, I love the new thickness and rubber compound that you have it feels like it has double the bite. I will never be back to using those rubber strips again. Thanks a lot for such a great product.

Stephen S.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

PRCA Partner Changes Team Roping

Team Roping Partner Changes 2009
Matt Sherwood - Rhein Richard
Jo Jo Lemond - Randon Adams
Derick Begay - Cory Petska
Kevin Daniel - Martin Lucero
David Key - Marty Becker
Clay Tryan - Kory Koontz
Travis Tryan - Cesear De Le Cruz
Chad Masters - Micheal Jones
Luke Brown - Ryan Motes
Speed Williams - Clay O'brien Cooper
Joel Bach - Allen Bach
Brandon Beers - Jade Corkill
David Motes - Paul Eaves
Brady Tryan - Dennis Tryan (Father of all Tryans)
Charly Crawford - Broc Cresta

Monday, December 15, 2008

Speed Williams Match Roping 2008 In Las Vegas

Here is the Video of the Final Runs. Enjoy!

Round Nine win by World Champs

Matt Sherwood and Randon Adams light a fire in round 9, and are set to be the world champs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

NFR Final Standings

Team roping was one of the most hotly contested events throughout the 10 days of the Wrangler NFR, and the race for the world titles came down to the wire. In the end, 2006 World Champion Header Matt Sherwood and partner Randon Adams won the coveted gold buckles, finishing fourth in Round 10 to clinch the world titles with PRCA record earnings of $189,568. Sherwood, of Pima, Ariz., finished ahead of six-time and reigning World Champion All-Around Cowboy Trevor Brazile, who won the Wrangler NFR average in 60.1 seconds with Patrick Smith and earned $163,358 on the season. Adams, of Logandale, Nev., finished ahead of Jade Corkill, who earned $166,673 roping with Luke Brown, in the race for the gold buckle."It's unbelievable," said Sherwood, who broke the earnings record set by Chad Masters a year ago. "To be here among the greatest ropers in the world and be crowned the world champion is truly unbelievable. There were several different scenarios that could have played out. We knew that if we just made a smooth run on the last steer, we would win the championship."Becoming a world champion was a dream come true for Adams.It's something I've dreamed of my whole life," Adams said. "I've run that last steer a million times in my mind and in the practice pen. It was great to finally do it for real. I don't know if it's really hit me yet. I think it will once I get my buckle. It's the greatest feeling ever."Colter Todd and Cesar de la Cruz won Round 10 in 4.0 seconds, and Brazile and Smith led all team ropers with $90,144 in Wrangler NFR earnings.

Speed Williams Match Roping In Las Vegas

The new Match Roping by Speed Williams was a huge success. The fans watching, though a little confused at first, ended up excited and on their seat edges as the matches played out. While Allen Bach used the New Pro Dally Wrap, Son Joel Bach had some trouble on the head end and were eliminated late in the roping. David Key also roping with the Pro Dally Wrap, was one of the tree final teams that won all their matches to rope for the big cash. David Key and Paul Eaves won $15K+. Great job and Happy Birthday to Speed Williams.

Friday, December 12, 2008

World Series of team roping update

Team member Cody Schiller roped all three steers clean, but the three head total left them just outside the top 15 for the big money short go. Also Ray S. won an additional 2000 bringing his two day total to 5k. Great job by both.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Team roping Partner Changes 2009

Team Roping Partner Changes 2009
David Key - Marty Becker
Clay Tryan - Kory Koontz
Travis Tryan - Cesear De Le Cruz
Chad Masters - Micheal Jones
Luke Brown - Ryan Motes
Speed Williams - Clay O'brien Cooper
Allen Bach - Joel Bach

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World Series of team roping update

Ray Siggins of Siggins performance horses in New Mexico uses the new Pro Dally Wrap and wins $3500.00

Monday, December 8, 2008

OTRA Kerville Tx Wins

RopeSmart Team Member Word Sherrill wins in two roping! Great job Word.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wildfire Sell out!

Pro Dally Wraps sold out in two hours at the wildfire Arena. 10% of all teams in the short go had the new Pro Dally on their horns! Nothing but love from our new wrap users. I felt like I had made a ton of new friends! Everyone had good things to say about it, and the short go presence spoke for itself! John McCarthy

Wildfire Ranch Roping Won with Pro Dally Wrap

Brother N Laws produced another great roping. A hair over 500 teams. John McCarthy and Bill Mcdonald Wins Saddles, and Fast Time of the Short Go.

David Key RopeSmart Team Member

David Key wins with the New Pro Dally Wrap.
David Key received his new Pro Dally and wins a roping with it the first time out! Great job David. 12/6 - Huntsville Jackpot - Won 2 Rounds & Average with John Paul Lucero. David Key will be siging autographs in Las Vegas. See www.KeyTeamRoper.com for more info.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Won 2nd Place and Buckle @ Rich Skelton Invitational


Won 2nd in Averg, Fast time 1st go, and buckle with Allen Bach in Pro Am.

Won Buckle, Breast collar and $850.00


$1860.00 Won

Antonio S.

Won three holes, totalling $1860.00



Roy G. and Antonio S. Win $1000.00 at local Jackpot.


Sticky, Sticky Wrap


Thanks for my new Pro Dally Wraps, All my friends think they look really cool, and I must say they are super sticky! I have never used anything better or that lasts this long on my saddle.

Team Roper, TX

Christmas Gift for Hubby

This wrap looks really really sharp! It is going to fit perfectly in my husbands stocking!! Thanks

Team Roping Wife, CO

For the life of my rope.

Thanks for the great product. I roped a complete roping, and saw almost no black what so ever on my new rope!

Team Roper, SD

Doubters aka Tite wads!

Hey John,

Thanks for wraps, love my new one. Several others ropers are placing their orders this week, and more will probably soon. The doubters aka tight wads, want to see me roping more with them first.

Team Roper, TN

Thanks for a great product!

Just wanted to say that I love my new wrap, and am ordering 2 more for all my saddles. Please offer a bigger package so we can buy more at once.
Team Roper, AZ