Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 head 73.81

Joel Bach and Allen Bach win the match roping at the Young Pro Camp in Graham Tx. 10 Head total of 73.81. David Key was sitting 3rd high call back after a blazing 3.28 run, only to have problems on the 10th steer, and the heeler missed. Great job and congrats to these Pro Dally users.

Took it off and put it on the other guys saddle

Mr. John,
Everything has been going pretty good, talking to people about the product, because everyone that looks at it has to know, "does it really work". There was a gentleman at a roping in Hebbronville that I won that just refused to believe what I told him, so I uncinched and took the wrap off my saddle and onto his it went. Needless to say he was greatly impressed with the whole package, I thought it was funny myself. You been going any? Sorry the email is so late, just got done pulling back on some feet.

Shawn Davis

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sure is easier to Dally

The wrap that we bought from you at Glen Rose for my son is amazing. He has roped a lot of cows since we were at Glen Rose and the dally wrap is showing no signs of wear that we can tell. He has roped some fresh steers and when you get to the horn your rope doesn't run which sure makes it easier on ropes. We are going to go ahead and order 4 more of the wraps today. If you are still looking for some endorsees we would be interested we really like the product.

Tommy D. Shoemaker

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Win, and going on 2 months same wrap

Heeler Roy Garcia, chalks up another first place win with his now two month old Pro Dally.
Congrats Roy

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Circle T, World Series Qualifier Goes Well

Robbie Vosburger wins 3k plus heading with his new Pro Dally Wrap, and Jack Brooks wins 1800.00. Well on your way guys to qualifying for the World Series in Vegas. Congrats.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Trejo Family From Alice Tx, love the new wraps

We have been using the new wraps on all our saddles now since December. My sons have won, cash, breast collars, ect... We all really like out new wraps. Please send me one more.

Rudy Trejo Sr.

Team Davis and Davison Take 33 sec on 5 head

Justin Davis and Cole Davison win third at Kinder LA USTRC Open Roping. 33 on 5 head and still 3rd! What a tough roping. Second consecutive USTRC event to place or Win first with the new Pro Dally.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

David Key and Allen Bach Roping with the Pro Dally

Here is some highlight footage from the Speed Williams Match Roping in Las Vegas 2008.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Key Family Team Roper Heels her way into 5th

Josey Key, beautiful wife of Professional team roper David Key, competes for the first time using her new Pro Dally, and takes fifth in the average! Not bad for a busy wife, mom, and birthday girl. Congrats Josey and Happy Birthday!

Instant Grab

Couple of weeks ago we ordered two wraps and a week later 2 more. This weekend Joel Bach came by and picked up 2 horses he and Allen had left at our house..Joel saw the wraps and offered to show me how to put them on. He wrapped 3 saddles for us. Had a little trouble with the first wrap we ordered, but the other 2 went on real smooth.
Great young roper from a great family..PS --heeled some with the wrap ---great -no slip -no rubber on my rope --just instant grab --thanks Bob H.

A month old and still looks new.

I had several inquires about my ProDally Wrap at the local roping this weekend. All I've been telling them is they can order off the internet. I'm notsure what to say about the life exspectancy, I've had mine about a month andit still looks new. I'm ordering 2 more off the web site today.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Over 200 hundred steers and going

Since I put my new Pro Dally on my head saddle, I have roped several hundred steers. Really grabs good, and I am using a rope now that I have roped over 50 head on. That kind of rope life is amazing to me.

Robbie V. Bulverde Tx

Richard Slaughter Thank you

Pro Dally team,, Thanks for the great product. Really grabs good, and is lasting a long time.

Series Ropers Do well with the new Pro Dally

Barry Dowlearn and Roy Garcia, Grabbed a average placing in a seriesroping in Floresville Tx.
Love our new wraps! Thanks for a great product, and our ropes are amazingly rubber free!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

South Texas Producer Loves his new Pro Dally

Cass Ringelstein of Ringelstein Unlimted, ropings, trailers, and saddles, decided to give the new Pro Dally a wirl, and his first out landed second in the average, and won third in the round. This put a silence to skeptics who saw the Pro Dally for the first time. Congrats

Monday, January 12, 2009

USTRC Open Won with Pro Dally Waco Tx

USTRC Produced another GREAT Roping this past weekend in Waco Tx, Awesome cattle, great payout! You know your at a USTRC event! As well as several placings throughout the weekend, First Place in the Open Roping Friday was won by Justin Davis (header) and Cole Davison (heeler). Both using our new Pro Dally. Great job guys and look forward to seeing you in the winning circle of users all year!!! Payout $4400.00

Out with Classic in with Pro Dally

The best thing I like is less black rubber on your rope. You still get alittle discoloration but not like the old inter tube rubber. I have been using the "Classic" pre cut rubber. The strips tend to roll and twist and Iwas always breaking the rubber at the base of the horn. My rope would sometimes get caught under the rubber at the base of the horn, this has never happened since switching to ProDally. The ProDally tends to grip your rope better causing your rope to run less. I feel this would benefit the team roping industry.

ThanksCharlie Mathis

Friday, January 9, 2009

Love my Pro Dally

I received my pro dally wrap right before I went to Glenrose, TX, being a skeptic about certain things such as this I almost did not use the wrap since I did not get to practice with it. I am glad though that I did decided to go ahead and put it on my saddle for that roping. Any seasoned roper can tell you that in today's roping arenas that it is the little things anymore that make the difference in winning and losing. I mean it used to be that show up and just get them all down and you would win it, but now and speaking from experience, you can show up rope all four fast and clean and not see the pay window. This pro dally wrap has given me an insight into stopping cattle faster without sliding rope, thus helping my header face faster and mainly getting a quicker flag. The wrap is durable and did not plug my new ropes full of rubber so I believe that the longevity of my ropes will more than likely double. At the chance of sounding repetitive, even coming home from the long weekend in the practice pen I am so impressed with the stopping power I have now with the new pro dally wrap. Roping feet, I have never used anything like this and I have tried many things as they come on the market, one of my most adventurous trips is with the piece of rubber that you had to take four pry bars and a jack hammer to try to get on, " not mentioning any names ". This wrap is easy and convenient to put on, took me about three minutes once the bundles of rubber bands were off my saddle. I look forward to buying more for my wife and my dad due to the practical functionality of the product.

Thanks a Million for the new edge,
Shawn Davis

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lariat Bowl 2009 WildFire Ranch

2009 Lariat Bowl
I like the wrap, it definitely grips the rope better. There will be an order placed for 10 wraps soon.

Ben Brown

By the way anyone needing arena lighting make sure you check this guy out!!

Great Photo Lone Wolf!!!!

South Dakota Roper Wins 1k first time out.

Lynn Williams #7 Heeler, of South Dakota, wins 1k the first time out competing with the Pro Dally Wrap.

Skeptic Busted

While showing how to wrap a saddle horn this past weekend, a roper popped off about how inner tubes are free. After explaining how not only the quality of rubber is far superior, lasts longer, and does not destroy brand new $38.00 ropes, he still said free is better. This particular roper, who happened to have his horse tied next to mine, reached into his rope bag a few minutes later and pulled out a bag of bands he had bought, and began wrapping his horn with "fresh" rubber. Then he proceeded directly to the head box to rope. He got out perfect on his steer, dropped a coil and stuck it on him. He then got his dally, then we all heard a load pop, and saw his rope going down the pen with the steer. He began pulling all the broken bands of rubber off his horn and threw them in the air. His wrap basically exploded. Not only were his bands not free, neither was the $50.00 entry fee on the run. Lesson, do not forget how much we invest in our tack, horses and entry fees. Don't throw your money away one chunk of rubber at a time. Try the Pro Dally from RopeSmart, and dally with no regrets.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First time Wrap user made a believer for life.

Jaime Macias, Owner of CrossRoads Buckles and EJ cattle company, disappointed in his saddle horn rubber, decided to change to the Pro Dally in the middle of a roping. He proceeded to double his next 6 steers and capture an average placing. Amazed at how well the wrap grabbed and what little wear was on his rope, he was sold!! He will not only be using it from now on, he will be putting it on all the saddles they award at the roping series they hold.

Buckle, Cash, and Finals qualification for AR roper.

I won a winter series #11 ropin 1/1/09, 562.50 a man and a maynard buckle and quilified for the series final. We were a #10 team, 10 header . using my pro dally wrap Thanks john.
Chris Malone

Gary Sutton wins $4300 and Saddle

Gary Sutton, professional roper and owner of Sutton Ropes, has had another great week with his Pro Dally wrap. Winning a total near $4300, and a saddle. Gary cannot understand why everyone is not using the new Pro Dally Wrap.

Texas Circuit Finals Average Champions

David Key and Clay O win the first round and the Average at the Texas Circuit Finals, and approx $3500.00 each. This will qualify David and Clay O for the Dodge Circuit Finals in April. Way to go and David Key is still on Pro Dally Wrap number 1 !!! Congrats David