Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nick Gonzales and his roping partner, Tanner Ward, took home 3rd place at the USTRC on Oct 30th!  They split the pot of $41600, each taking home $20800!  They also made off with two buckles and trophy plaques.  Nick was using the all new Black Knight.  Awesome job guys!
Ed Necochea, of Lakeside CA, roping with Dennis Watkins, tied for 2nd place with Travis Xavier of Shandon CA, at the Poway Rodeo in Poway CA. He also placed 6th at the Sheriff's Rodeo in San Bernardino CA! Great job guys!
First Roping and a win!

At the Bean Dirks memorial roping in Deniro Texas, ( Great Roping, Great Host, Thanks Paul ) a #8 heeler wraps up with the all new Pro Black, and takes 5th place in the #15 Roping. A pretty snakey roping when a 25 on 4 only takes 5th!! Great job Quisto Lopez!

No time for Broken Fingers
Landrum, SC Oct 2011
Tommy Harris used the ProBlack ProDally Wraps with much success, until it wore out. He then switched back to free rubber. While at a recent rodeo, he drew a fast steer, which he caught clean. But the rope ran, resulting in a NO TIME as well as a BROKEN ring finger on his right hand. He states that he is now going back to the ProBlack.

Congrats to Jack Wilhite of Tx, Took home $9000.00 and a sweet buckle from the USTRC Finals in the #8 roping on October 31st.  Jack ropes on the Black Knight, check em out at www.ropesmart.com