Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Skeptic Busted

While showing how to wrap a saddle horn this past weekend, a roper popped off about how inner tubes are free. After explaining how not only the quality of rubber is far superior, lasts longer, and does not destroy brand new $38.00 ropes, he still said free is better. This particular roper, who happened to have his horse tied next to mine, reached into his rope bag a few minutes later and pulled out a bag of bands he had bought, and began wrapping his horn with "fresh" rubber. Then he proceeded directly to the head box to rope. He got out perfect on his steer, dropped a coil and stuck it on him. He then got his dally, then we all heard a load pop, and saw his rope going down the pen with the steer. He began pulling all the broken bands of rubber off his horn and threw them in the air. His wrap basically exploded. Not only were his bands not free, neither was the $50.00 entry fee on the run. Lesson, do not forget how much we invest in our tack, horses and entry fees. Don't throw your money away one chunk of rubber at a time. Try the Pro Dally from RopeSmart, and dally with no regrets.

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