Friday, January 9, 2009

Love my Pro Dally

I received my pro dally wrap right before I went to Glenrose, TX, being a skeptic about certain things such as this I almost did not use the wrap since I did not get to practice with it. I am glad though that I did decided to go ahead and put it on my saddle for that roping. Any seasoned roper can tell you that in today's roping arenas that it is the little things anymore that make the difference in winning and losing. I mean it used to be that show up and just get them all down and you would win it, but now and speaking from experience, you can show up rope all four fast and clean and not see the pay window. This pro dally wrap has given me an insight into stopping cattle faster without sliding rope, thus helping my header face faster and mainly getting a quicker flag. The wrap is durable and did not plug my new ropes full of rubber so I believe that the longevity of my ropes will more than likely double. At the chance of sounding repetitive, even coming home from the long weekend in the practice pen I am so impressed with the stopping power I have now with the new pro dally wrap. Roping feet, I have never used anything like this and I have tried many things as they come on the market, one of my most adventurous trips is with the piece of rubber that you had to take four pry bars and a jack hammer to try to get on, " not mentioning any names ". This wrap is easy and convenient to put on, took me about three minutes once the bundles of rubber bands were off my saddle. I look forward to buying more for my wife and my dad due to the practical functionality of the product.

Thanks a Million for the new edge,
Shawn Davis

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