Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend in San Antonio

Well this is our first blog posting, and there will be many more to come. This weekend in San Antonio the 14th annual roping at the Rose Palace took place. Needless to say the word was out on our new Pro Dally. We were wrapping saddle horns all day on Friday! Everyone kept riding back up to us an thanking us and complementing us on a great product. However nothing is better than to have ropers using our Pro Dally Wrap sweep 1st place in three ropings as well as several other holes. First place heeler in the beginners roping, First place and fifth place in the 1.5 roping/over $1500 won, First place in the 3.5 roping over $1000 and jackets won. What a testament to quality. Beginners all the way up to pro level ropers got there saddle horns wrapped. Headers and Heelers alike. Awesome results! Thanks for all the new users from the Rose Palace roping, and keep on

Gettin a Grip!!!! RopeSmart

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